CarLovers Detail Plus is a dedicated detailing facility with state of the art workstation technologies, innovative systems, ultra modern facilities, first rate services and premium products to restore your car to a like-new condition.


Customers often ask; "why do I need to detail my car?"

There are 3 major reasons you need to detail your car at CarLovers Detail Plus:


• To restore the look & feel of your car to its original & new condition
• To preserve the car value by turning back the adverse affects of wear & tear
• To add to its resale value


For ongoing benefits, your car needs to be detailed every 6 months, even more often if the vehicle is used for business.


Washing your car removes surface dirt but does not protect it from the sun, salt, coal dust, acid rain and usage deterioration.


Detailing increases the enjoyment of your car by improving its smell, feel and beauty inside and out. If your car is used for commercial purposes, detailing adds to your presentation and creates those vital first impressions


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