Interior Odour Removal

CarLovers Detail Plus uses a special generator to eliminate car odours originating from mould, mildew, paint, cigarette smoking, food, garbage, animals, chemicals and human waste.


The Ozone Generator is an effective odour removal and air purification process that can be used to eliminate unpleasant vehicle smells.


It generates ozone from atmospheric oxygen to eliminate odours rather than "perfume" or mask them and helps to hinder bacterial growth.


The ozone generator is an industrial application that is capable of high levels of ozone without using chemicals.


Its electrical and electronic components generate ozone by using only small amounts of electricity.

The ozone output is 100% adjustable to match the strength of the car odour making it ideal for eliminating stinking environments.


The ozone generator destroys odours, retards bacterial growth, slime production, and circulates the ozone allowing it to destroy the odour molecules.


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