Interior Detail

• Hand wash & chamois dry
• Clean door jambs
• Clean & dress dashboard, console & trims
• Vacuum & shampoo seats, carpet & boot
• Leather, fabric or vinyl dressing/conditioning
• All windows & mirrors cleaned & polished
• Interior deodorised

Have you had your car interior shampooed and found your carpet and upholstery wet? Wet carpet and car upholstery triggers odours, or worse, mould growth.


The CarLovers Detail Plus interior detailing is different, as it uses a high pressure machine to dry the vehicle.  


The powerful drier quickly dries your carpet and is similar in design to those machines used by commercial carpet cleaners.


When directed at carpets and seats, the CarLovers Detail Plus interior drier evaporates the moisture left from shampooing.


The interior dryer can also be used to dry the carpet/mat areas of the boot. The CarLovers Detail Plus interior detail brings neglected car interiors to life and leaves everything clean and shiny.


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Interior Car Detail