1. What Is Car Detailing?

Detailing refers to the systematic rejuvenation and protection of vehicle surfaces inside and out, top to bottom by trained staff using specialist and detail-specific tools and products to renew vehicles.

2. What is the Difference between Car Washing & Car Detailing?

Washing your car removes surface dirt but does not protect it from the sun, salt, coal dust, acid rain and usage deterioration.

On the other hand detailing makes a noticeable difference to the look and feel of your car- glossy paintwork, low sheen rubber and vinyl, cleaned and conditioned leather and sparkling chrome.

3. Why Do I Need to Detail My Car?

The three major reasons for detailing your are:

• Restore the look & feel of your car to the best possible condition
• Preserve the car value by turning back the adverse affects of wear & tear
• Add to its resale value

4. How Often Do I Need to Detail My Car

For ongoing benefits, your car needs to be detailed every 6 months, even more often if the vehicle is used for business.

If your car is used for business purposes, detailing adds to overall presentation and creates those vital first impressions.

5. What Is Paint Correction?


Paint correction is machine polishing to remove paint defects with the help of a polishing compound. When the detailers correct paintwork, they examine and measure the paint condition, polish and smooth the paint and then protect it.

6. What Is Car Polishing?

Car polishing is completed by using an abrasive action to remove very fine layers of the top coat protection to flatten out the surface to ensure and equal reflection of the light and thus a highly polished look.

7. What Is Car Waxing?

Car wax comes in two main forms: liquid and paste. It is applied to add a protective layer on top of a car paint surface. This layer of wax adds shine to the car's appearance and protects the paint from the elements. Waxing is done generally by hand and is used as a preventative measure to protect and beautify the paint.

8. What is Car Buffing?

Buffing is used after paint damage has occurred and an attempt is being made to remove the surface imperfections. It involves correcting scratches and other imperfections that are seen in the paint. Most cars today are painted in two stages - base colour and clear coat. If the damage is in the clear coat it can be removed, if the scratches are below the clear coat, only some of the evidence of the paint scratch can be removed.

9. What Is a 'Small', 'Medium' or 'Large' Car?

When classifying car size, the Highway Loss Data Institute takes into account both vehicle length and wheelbase. As this classification is simple, CarLovers Detail Plus recommends that customers buying a gift voucher use this objective benchmark.

    HLDI Classification

    Length less than 457.2 cm (180 in) and wheelbase less than 266.7 cm (105 in)

    Length 457.3 - 495.3 cm (180 - 195 in) and wheelbase 266.8 - 279.4 cm (105 - 110 in)

    Length more than 495.3 cm (195 in) and wheelbase more than 279.4 cm (110 in)

10. What are the CarLovers Detail Plus Advantages?

• The detailing tasks are efficiently organised to gain the best results. These rigid procedures
  allow detailers to stay focused on the tasks & restore the car better & faster.

• The four innovative workstation bays & two carwash bays provide a new detailing system
  for restoring small, medium and large cars.

• CarLovers Detail Plus detailing packages & specialist services are completed to new &
  improved industry standards.

• Detailing tools are lighter & more efficient, allowing detailers to stay fresh and less   physically taxed - most workshops use electric buffs weighing 4 kilos but at Carlovers   Detail Plus the buffs used are ½ - 1 kilo.

• Interior carpet & fabric cleaning & protection procedures are similar to those used by
  commercial carpet cleaners.

• Premium detailing tools & products are used to restore cars to showroom condition.

• Headlights that have lost illumination can be restored to improve visibility & increase driver

• The CarLovers Detail Plus ozone generator is used to remove the car odours caused by
  bacteria build-up & improve the air quality in your vehicle.

11. Tell Us About CarLovers Detail Plus Detailing Facilities?

CarLovers Detail Plus has a modern undercover workshop in Newcastle West that features trained detailers, premium quality products and high tech detailing facilities.